Board Member / Instructor


kaori haishi

Saké Journalist

Kaori worked as a radio reporter and writer for a lady's magazine before getting involved with Japanese Saké business. She visited Saké and Shochu (Japanese distilled spirits) breweries around the country to write columns and comments for media.

She held seminars and deliver speeches nationwide from a lady's point of view and the word『 Ohitorisama (Single person diner)』was nominated for buzzwords-of-the-year contest in 2005. She is also an expert on Ohitorisama.

Kaori wrote books including, 『Saké Tasting Book Western Japan』『Saké Tasting Book Touhoku/Hokkaido』『Touhoku Bi-shu-lin』『How to choose excellent Saké』. Supervised 『Learn an an easy way to pair sake』, an Amazon No.1 seller book in Sake category.

She appears as a Saké lecturer for NHK TV program 『Marutoku Magazine』and appears regularly at Saké and Health corner of the 『Nikkei Morning Plus』of BS Japan TV.

Kaori Haishi official website


Executive Director
YAsuhiro shiba

CEO - shbiataya co.,ltd
chairman - hanjyoten Nonprofit Corporation

chairman - TAI YO no kai

Yasuhiro took over as the third CEO of his family owned business Shibataya Co., Ltd, a liquor wholesaler/distributor in 2005.

He is spreading his love of how great the Japanese restaurant culture is and how delicious Saké is under the principle of contributing to customers' prosperity and development of restaurant business and of becoming Japan's number one wholesaler. To achieve that goal, he is expanding his business not only in Tokyo but also in New York, Milano, Bangkok and Seoul.

He won the " Food Service Award " in 2005 as the chairman of the HANJYOTEN NONPROFIT CORPORATION. The organization holds a event called " S1 server grand prix " where they choose the number one server in Japanese food service industry.  And he also established " TAI YO NO KAI ", the group of owners from food service industry and has been studying with its 50 members monthly.

He is a certified SSI Kikisake-shi, Wine Sommelier, and Craft Beer Taster.

Shibataya Co., Ltd.'s Official website



Executive Director
takehiro shiba

Senior Vice President - shbiataya co.,ltd

Takehiro joined Sapporo Beer Company in 1992 and learned the know-how of sales before joining his family business Shibataya Co.,Ltd. in 1995. He became the senior vice president in 2012.

Since then, he has been working hard with his brother Yasuhiro, the president and with all the employees to become the Japan's number one liquor wholesaler/distributor.

After visiting and speaking with Saké & Shochu brewers around the country, he was moved by the fabulous Saké culture, skills of brewing and enthusiasm of brewers and decided to participate in JSA.

Takehiro's favorite phrase is " Do your best and leave the rest to providence "

He is a certified SSI Kikisake-shi, Wine Sommelier, and Craft Beer Taster.


Advisor / Associate Director


【saké advisor】

Kousuke Kuji
CEO - Nanbu Bijin

Norimasa Yamamoto
Senior Vice President - Heiwa Shuzo


【SHOchu advisor】

Tadashi Yanagita
CEO - Yanagita Shuzo

Shinya Nakamura
Director - Nakamura Shuzoujo



Makoto Akutsu
CEO - Kikunosato Shuzo

Michiko Urasato
Chief Brewer - Yuki Shuzo

Tsushima Kitahara
Yamanashi Meijo

Yuichi Tsubosaka
Sanyouhai Shuzo

Yuichi Hashiba
CEO - Izumibashi Shuzo

Akio Tamura
Representative Partner - Hikami Seishu

Kouichiro Shimizu
Takenoi Shuzo

Mayuko Kita
Kita Shuzo

Junichiro Nagayama
Representative Partner - Nagayama Shuzo

Takahiro Okazaki
CEO - Okazaki Shuzo


【Person of culture・ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR】

Junko Kondo(JSA Instructor)

Aki Kaneseki
Writer & Editor

Chizuko Komiya
Writer & Editor

Gordon Heady
Writer & Teacher


Miwa Suzuki
Manager of Digital Business - Sankei Living Shinbun


【CHEFS/restaurants・associate director】

Takahiko Yoshioka
Director - Max Corporation

Satoshi Tonooka
Owner Chef / Senior Sommelier - SAKE&WINE tono;4122

Junko Tonooka
Madam - SAKE&WINE tono;4122

Reiko Yamada
Cooking Expert

Sae Tanaka
Assistant Manager - Torichu





Masako Tominaga
CEO - Doozo

Yuniko Ushio






Hiroshi Izaki
Owner - IZAKI Japanese Restaurant